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BT Question

Using sub-continental staff for these jobs could have a bad effect on local jobs and income. If these jobs were to be taken away from the UK that would mean there would be a big drop in the amount of jobs in the area for people with those sorts of skills.

Workers in India tend to have a lower skill set but are still employed by companies like BT as they will work long hours for short pay, the lower skill set could mean that the work they do is less productive than that of a higher-skill-set Briton. Many companies are attracted to having workers in other countries as they will make more profit since they don’t have to pay them as much.


Less jobs locally means that there will be less income for the area and thus a lower amount of money being used in the city or town. This could affect the economy in that area very badly as banks wouldn’t make as much money from money being taken out because people will be tighter with a lower income.


ICT has had many effects on culture; dating sites would be an example of the big change it has caused in relationships. More than 50% of marriages started off as online relationships from sites like OKCupid.  It has taken away quite a bit of the stigma of meeting people through the internet as there are a growing number of people using it for this purpose.


ICT has also changed the way we handle our money. There are countless transactions made online every day and it has created new jobs for people with skills such as website-development or programming.


What are the implications of e-commerce for society?

E-Commerce has affected society in a big way. It has made buying and selling items easier as you don’t have to actually leave the house, this is helpful for people with no legs. When buying something off of an online shop, comparing items and finding information/prices on each item is easier and faster than it would be in the actual shop.

A bad affect it has on society is that large companies who use e-commerce can put small, local companies out of business and cause them to close. It also reduces the amount of jobs for people locally but does increase jobs for people with certain ICT skills who could aid the website.

It also means that there is more choice as sites usually have a larger range of items than they do in their local shop. The addition of online baskets makes saving items for later purchase easier so there would be more purchases from the shop which means more profit.

The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988


This law protects artistic commercial works from being stolen or used without permission. It attaches automatically when the work is put into material form (i.e. written down or recorded electronically).

An idea cannot be covered by this act but specific details pertaining to that idea can be covered. For instance, there are lots of angsty songs made for teenagers where the base idea of the song is to complain about life and say you hate your parents but that basis cannot be copyrighted. Any lyrics to a My Chemical Romance song can, however, be copyrighted.


Patents are a different form of intellectual property that protects inventions. An inventor has to apply to get a patent, and in his or her application they have to explain everything about their invention – how it works, why it’s better than the stuff that was invented before,  etc. Then at the end, the inventor makes a list of ‘claims’ describing precisely the invention they want to protect. This stops their idea being exploited for uses they have not authorized.


Apple vs. Samsung Lawsuit

Basically the state of intellectual property law is pretty fuzzy right now. The rules aren’t always clear on exactly what people are allowed to own, and how new, unique, and unobvious an idea has to be before someone is allowed to own it, and even if they own it, how different someone else’s idea has to be before it’s considered theft.

So Apple says they own some of the basic features of a touch based phone interface, and they say Android copied some of those ideas, and specifically Samsung went out of their way to blatantly copy not only those ideas, but also the look and feel of the product to such a degree that it’s confusable to end users who’s product is who’s. Apple won, Samsung was fined.

Dangers to ICT Systems

Malware: Short for malicious software. This is software used by attackers of a site or network that is used when trying to gain private information or access. This can be software or programs such as: viruses, worms, trojan horses or keyloggers.

Botnet: A collection of computers on the same network that have been infected or had their security breached which can now be used by whoever controls the botnet.

Trojans: Having a malicious file disguise its self as a safe file or a harmless email that gets the victim to download the trojan virus in one way or another.

Phishing: Attempting to steal or aquire sensitive and private information like addresses and credit card information by pretending to be a trustworthy source like an email using the name of a well-known company like eBay or Facebook.

Working From Home

It is becoming increasingly easy for people to work and make money from home. Such as making a home business or selling items online on sites like eBay and Craig’s List. There are many different advantages and disadvantages to working at home.


Working from home has the ability to be a more comfortable and relaxed environment than at work; which can be good or bad depending on who the worker is. A relaxed environment can improve employee efficiency but could also put them into a state of procrastination and laziness.


Working from home is made easier by programs and tools such as Remote Desktop and LogMeIn/VPN that lets employees gain access to their work files safely and do any work that is needed to be done at home. This means that the company employing the worker will have less bills to pay in terms of supplies and electric bills.


An employee is also able to finish work that has a deadline without having to work late into the night at the office which many employees couldn’t do or may have a problem doing. This means that more work will get done and deadlines will be met more often.


It also ends up being better for society and has less of an impact on the environment. If an employee works from home they have more time for seeing their families and/or children which means they’ll have a better well-being. There is also no driving to and back from work every day so there is less pollution from cars or other travel methods.


The disadvantages of working from home are that the employee gets less overall exercise and is confined to a small space while doing their work. They may not get the break that they need or their home environment might not be suitable since the worker could have a family with little children jumping off the walls and eating kitchen appliances every two seconds.


In conclusion, working from home has many advantages and disadvantages to it, but the good points weigh out the bad points as it ensures that the employee will be able to have a comfortable working place and more motivated than they would be dragging themselves into the office in the morning.

Electronic Data Interchange


Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the electronic transmission of data between organizations, it is used to transfer electronic documents/data from one computer system to another without human intervention. Organizations can use an EDI system to replace bills of lading and even cheques with EDI messages. It also has to follow a group of standards when used.

Benefits of EDI

•Cost Savings
   –Costs less than using paper-based organization and saves resources.
 –Using an EDI makes transaction easier as there is no need for paper-based money-     handling which makes the whole process quicker and more pleasant for the customer.
–Data can be  changed easily when it is needed so data is more accurate and reliable.
–Since documents are more accurate there is less re-working of orders and cancellations.
–It is quicker for employees to handle in business than paper.
•Electronic systems have a chance of failing and this could mean that data could be lost or corrupted.
If connection to the network is lost then EDI can’t take place.

Exam Question Thingy

A retail company has decided to set up an intranet for the use of its employees and enable certain information to be available on an extranet.

a. Explain what meant by the term extranet.

An extranet is a company or area-based network that is mostly accessed by members of the company but has the ability to give authorised users access to it. Connecting to it from outside the company will usually need a password as the network will be protected from anyone that might not have authorised access.

 b. Discuss the advantages to the company of installing an intranet and the issues that must be considered.

Using an intranet is very useful for a company that wants to save on costs and waste. Using an internal network means that the company will not have to pay an ISP for use of their network.

Intranets make it easy for employees to retrieve files or do work while not on an already-authorised computer, by simply giving the employees a password they have full use of their normal company files and can make work mroe efficient.They also make sharing files through network easier as employees don’t need to use email or drop-box to transfer files.